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Our Club Flys
OSOW - 10/14/12
L-R  Andrew Muhlhahn, Chuck Taylor, Charles Wheeler and Kathleen Wheeler
Chuck doing a touch on Anita Wheeler's hand.
Chuck Taylor teaching Heather and Becky Stafford to fly a rev.
Looks like Becky is getting the hang of it.
Heather and Andrew
Chuck putting on a demo.
We had a crowd!!!
Heaven in a photo. We call it Pensacola Beach.
5/19/13  Ft. Walton Beach
Our home for the day.
Today started off a 4-D day.
Wind picked up about 2pm and even the Beach Cops were taking pics.
Taking a break.
Everbody loves Gumbeaux.
7/7/13 Opal Beach 
7/13/13 Ft. Walton Beach
Kathleen getting a lesson from Charles on a quad-line devil kite
Jason Wheeler reving it up.
Jason Wheeler doing a touch with an assist from Miranda Poynter.
Lots of flyers yesterday!
Taking a break! Jason and Miranda Poynter.
John and Tanya Layton.
8/10/13 Ft. Walton Beach
Starting to set up.
This helped stop some traffic.
Today's camp.
Gumbeaux overseeing the activities.
Life on the coast.....afternoon shower.
At the end of a good day flying.